Registering a child for day-care in Osnabrück

Day-care year 2024 / 2025

The day-care year 2024 / 2025 begins on August 1st 2024. Registrations are open from Nov 1st 2023 until Dec 31st 2023. Assignment of vacancies takes place after closing date from Feb till Apr 2024. The registration does not operate on a first come, first served basis.

Day-care year 2023 / 2024

Registrations for the current day-care year are open. Green lights display up-to-date vacancies in day-care centres.

Please note:
A green light in the list of day-care centres is no guarantee for a spot, as there is some delay in the process. As soon as a day-care centre can offer a spot, you will receive notification by email.

It is recommended to all parents and guardians to visit the day-care centre of choice in person in order to gain a personal impression. Occasions like ‘open door afternoons’ are a good opportunity to get to know day-care centres and to meet staff in person.

Day-care year 2024 / 2025

Registrations for the current day-care year are open. Green lights display up-to-date vacancies in day-care centres. (only available in German)

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Registration for the following day-care year opens in November and closes in December. You can always find the exact dates at the top of this webpage.

Registration for vacancies in the current day-care year is open at any time.

You can register a child for day-care online by submitting the registration form*. You choose up to four day-care centers for your registration and select one as your waiting list entry. If your first choice day-care center cannot offer a spot, your registration moves to your second choice and so on.

If no day-care center offers a spot, your waiting list entry remains.

*Day-care centers for children with special needs are excluded from online registration. The Kindergarten für Hörgeschädigte, Vogelsang-Kindergarten and the Kindertagesstätte Irmgard-Kestner-Haus, cannot be selected in the online registration form.

Registrations can be changed until the registration for the following year closes in December. If you want to make changes e.g. to your day-care center choices or the start date, you can submit the registration form again with your updated information. The last submission will be processed for the assignment of vacancies.

Changes cannot be made during the assignment process for the following day-care year (February until April). If there is urgent need to make changes, please contact us via email.

Letters of acceptance are sent automatically by email as soon as a day-care center offers a spot in their facility. The assignment of vacancies for the following day-care year (beginning Aug 1st) takes place from February until April. During this process you will be notified which day-care center is currently processing your registration.

Please send your question via email to: Kita-Anmeldung(at)

The day-care center of your choice can help you to register. Alternatively contact our team in the Familien- und Kinderservicebüro or send an email to Kita-Anmeldung(at)

Yes, please remember to send in your registration form for the following year in time.

Please contact get in touch with the Familien- und Kinderservicebüro. Our team will support you to find day-care for your child.

The day-care facilities can only accept children with principle residence in Osnabrück. If you want to register for day-care before moving, do not forget to mention in the registration form that you are planning to move to Osnabrück. If you already know your future address, please add this information in the comment section at the very end of the registration form.

You can find information about day-care hours in the list of day-care centers.

You can find information about contributions and exemptions here.

When filling out the application form do not forget to mention that your child needs integrative care. You can formally apply for integrative care in the day-care center after you received a letter of acceptance.

Integrative day-care centers with nursery groups for 0-3 year old children generally offer integrative nursery care, too. Integrative care for 0-3 year old children is welcomed, but cannot be selected as a filter in the list of day-care centers due to legislative provisions.